Short Story~ Murdered In A Cave

Murdered In A Cave

This story actually sucks but its okay 🤷👌

Her scream was the kind of strangled cry that belongs to those not long for this world. A scream of one in mortal terror, rooted to the spot and too afraid to run. Her mouth paused in a silent scream and her unblinking eyes popped like a fashioned toy doll. Cool sweat dripped down her back and her skin became as pale as the knife blade that flashed before her.

The buff man grins at Katherine through his fat lips, as she deadly froze like a real life mannequin in no position at all. The naked body of Caroline was dripping like an overflowing sea of blood… Her eyes still wide open in terror.

Katherine slowly took a step back, still staring into the eyes of the devil. Before she could turn around and race for her life, the man had ruthlessly caught onto her arm and pulled her towards him. Katherine felt like a doll in hands of a heartless child. He picked her up from her skinny neck then threw her harshly onto the rocky wall to his right. Katherine fell to the ground unconscious and broken after hitting the wall of the narrow dark cave in one of the most deserted forests near Rosewood.

As she begins to blink, Katherine thinks to herself.

“Where am I now? How long have I slept? Did I sleep?” She asks herself, still rubbing her eyes and blinking. “What did this man do to me? I feel like a remote-control car, but with no battery. But wait… Caroline. Goddam it Caroline, what did this man do to you?” She kept asking herself as her eyes slowly started tearing.

After endlessly rubbing her eyes and blinking, Katherine finally opened her eyes. Only to see Caroline’s eyes wide open in complete horror, staring back at her. Her naked body was filled with scars and burns, laying perfectly still on her stomach.

Katherine tries to scream, but before she could, she saw the same man, the same heartless, buff man digging up two holes, of what looked like a rectangular shape and thankfully not paying any attention to her.

Katherine silently grabs onto the sharp edge of a large rock on the wall closest to her, in order to stand up. As she tries to stand up, she cluelessly cuts herself deep on the sharp edge. Blood splattered everywhere like rain in the spring. Trying her hardest not to break down and cry, Katherine licked her wound in hopes it would stop.

But it didn’t.

Suddenly, and without realizing it, Katherine whispers to herself “Awhh, this hurts” She cried quietly.

Though she said this quietly, the cave was so silent, it made her seem as if she was talking loudly.

The buff man holding the shovel starts to look around the cave as if he was a detective searching for evidence. Katherine quickly holds onto her mouth, to stop it from saying more. She swiftly lies back down, exactly the position she was in before waking up. She closes her eyes and hopes he doesn’t realize she was awake.

The man’s footsteps crumble on the ground as he quickly walks towards her.

Her heart raced like a Ferrari engine, thinking the man noticed her, that he was coming for her, that he was going to murder her the exact same way he ruthlessly murdered Caroline.

But thank goodness he didn’t.

The man picked up the small flashlight from the ground, near Caroline’s dead body. He went to discover where the mysterious sound came from. Giving Katherine time to promptly run for her life.

Katherine, once again, opens her eyes. Except, this time she did and was surprised no one else was there. The cave was empty.

There were two ways out of the cave. The left direction, and the right. Both of which, were completely pitch black. Katherine noticed blazing light rays coming out of the right pathway. Immediately, she knew the man had chosen the right path. So she decided to try the left. She put her hands in front of her, pushing herself upwards, then got up.

“Don’t make a sound. Don’t make yourself the target. You’re strong and clever enough to get out of this cave and escape this madman alive.” She repeatedly told herself.

She steadily walked over Caroline’s body, closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see the sickening view. She ambled over to grab the second flashlight laying on the ground near Caroline. She lit the flashlight then raced to the dark left pathway out of the cave.

Half way there, she slipped in one of the two holes the man was digging. The sound of her crashing to the ground was as loud as bomb after firing.

The man heard the noise and swiftly ran towards Katherine.

“I know you’re there.” The man shouts in a creepy manly voice, far from a distance. “I will find you soon or later”

Meanwhile, Katherine finds difficulty in climbing out of the deep hole underground but gets out anyway. it took her a minute to study what the two holes were for.

Suddenly, it hits her.

The first one is for poor Caroline.

And the second was for her.

The man’s footsteps become louder and closer to Katherine’s location.

Katherine quickly tries to grab her flashlight out of her pocket.

Only to find out that her flashlight had dropped in the hole she had fallen in. Given no time to think, she raced to the left pathway of the cave, where she kept running nonstop.

The mad man runs back to Caroline.

“I knew it! That little b- escaped.” He angrily screams. “Not for long though, she can’t see without a flashlight.” He shouts, smiling like an angry devil.

He runs into the left dark pathway.

Where Katherine went.

“Where’s my phone, I have a flashlight on there” Katherine whispers to herself.

She searches through her clothes, still running, until she finds her apple phone. She turns on her phone to find only 12% of its charge is left.

“GREAT” She sarcastically shouts.

Katherine turns on her flashlight and races through the dark and narrow cave.

Kathrine could hear footsteps within a distance. He was after her. He was going to catch her. Murder her. Slice her soul away.

Except he couldn’t.

Katherine saw light shining through the cave. She ran towards it faster than a starving cheetah after his prey. As Katherine followed the light, she found herself in a dark, heavy-treed forest. A cold breeze raced through Katherine’s spine, giving her the chills.

“Fresh air”, She thought to herself as she searched around the forest.

She had just gotten out of a haunted cave, now, Katherine in lost in a deep forest, in completely nowhere.

“My phone!” She shouted loudly as she unlocked her phone then dialed 911.

“Hello, what is your emergency?” A man on the other line asked.

“I had just gotten out of a dark cave in this forest. There is a dead woman whom I know in there, and there is a man who’s following me right now to kill me. Please send help fast!” Katherine sobbed.

“Okay ma’am, please stay calm. Do you know where you are right now?” The operator asked

“I- I’m not sure. I just got out of the cave and now I’m in a deep forest. I think I’m somewhere near rosewood, but I’m not-“

Katherine saw the buff man standing right in front of her, grinning. His eyes finally met hers. Katherine scanned his entire body but stopping at his hands. Her face turned pale. The word scared would not even be close defining how terrified she looked.

The buff man was carrying a bloody kitchen knife.

She immediately put the phone down from her ear then started running the opposite direction, still carrying her phone.

“Hello, ma’am. Are you okay? The operator asked. “We will be sending help immediately.”

Not paying any attention to her phone, Katherine was trying to find a way out of the woods. Katherine tripped on a small tree trunk, wounding her knees. She quickly ripped out a piece of her sky blue T-shirt then tied it around her wound just like how they taught her at survival camp. Without realizing it, Katherine had dropped her phone along the way.

Even with all the wounds and scars she had, Katherine was far too strong to give up.

The trees glared at Katherine as she ran through them like a ghost running through walls. Kathrine spotted a road. Quickly, she hurried towards it then ran between the two lanes.

Stopping to take a breath, Katherine hears footsteps running, to the left side of her, stepping and cracking tree branches and coming towards her.

Before Katherine could run again, the heavily built man grabbed her from her long brown hair then pulled her towards him.

“Please let me go! I didn’t do anything to you.” Katherine cried out.

“Shut up!” He yelled in her face.

He ruthlessly held onto her T-shirt then pulled her from the ground. He aimed his bloody knife at her stomach then…

“This is the police. Put your hands up or else, we will shoot.” One policeman shouts. Police forces surrounded the area as they all pull out their guns and aim at the man who is still aiming his knife at Katherine.

Except now, he’s aiming at her neck.

“I will kill her if you shoot me!” The man shouts to the police. He looks at Katherine’s horrified pale face and grins. “I won’t hesitate!”

“Neither will we.” A blonde police officer replies as he fires at the man’s knees.

The burly man drops to the ground screaming in pain. Another Officer fires at his right arm, making him holler. Katherine runs to one of the police officers whom then try to comfort her as the rest of the officers take down the burly man and surround the cave to take Caroline’s dead body.

Katherine was sent to the hospital along with Caroline to heal Katherine’s wounds and identify Caroline’s body.

The man, however, surprisingly escaped the police, making him the target of the police and everyone who lives in Rosewood. And to this day… He is nowhere to be seen.


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